Quilt as You Go Demo

Some hints that Kathy talked about in her demo:


1. Decide which side of your quilt you want your machine stitched seams on, nonsashed or hand sewn.
2. Sew your block, then sandwich with batting and backing.
3. Quilt staying 1/2″ from edges
4. Sew front seams together, pinning backing out of the way.
5. Trim batting to match flat against each other.
6. Fold backing down and fold one side under to have finished edge. Press then either sew by hand or machine stitch.
Note*****machines stitching will show on the other side.
Another option is to do this in reverse, and use Sashing to sew from the front side, leaving a straight line of stitching on the back of the quilt.
Hint..don’t use directional fabric for the backing.
Or pay very careful attention.