Name Badge Pattern

Brunswick Quilters Name Badge

Rising Sun Badge

You download the instructions (with diagrams) here

This pattern has 3 parts. The first part with sun rays is paper pieced (by hand or with a machine). Yellow, gold, or orange should be used for the rays (odd numbers). The sky (even numbers) can be any sky color, night or day, stormy or fair weather, sunset, sunrise! Avoid directional prints! The fabrics can be tone-on-tones, prints, batiks, plaids, 30 repro’s, glitzy lames, etc. Select the colors that you like!

Paper Piecing: Crease paper on all sewing lines. Cut fabrics to manageable sizes (about 3″ or 4″ squares or strips). Check for coverage before cutting. Place fabrics for areas 1 and 2 about 1/4″ over the middle sewing line right sides together on the paper foundation (A). Pin. Turn over paper. Double check for the Vs” seam allowance and sew on sewing line using small stitches with a large needle (# 14 is good!). Fold paper on seam lines and trim seam allowances to Vs”. Line up next fabric to fabric edge and sew on line as before. Trim and continue until done. Press with iron or fingers or small wooden iron as you go. Make sure that the outer seam allowances are covered with ‘A” of seam allowance all around. Trim piece to outer seam allowance and remove paper.

The second and third parts (B and C) form the core of the sun (a quarter round circle). These should be in sunny warm colors: yellow, gold, or orange. These pieces require curve piecing which can be done several ways: hand pieced, machine sewn, hand or machine appliqued. Do what you are comfortable doing or take this opportunity to learn a new technique.

Hand pieced: Trace curve patterns onto fabric. Trace around pattern (sewing line) with fine sharp pencil on right sides of fabric. Draw cutting line for seam allowance 1/4″ from sewing line. Cut and sew curve pieces together and then to A part using hand-piecing method.

Machine pieced: Cut large curved template with seam allowance. Pin in 3 places: at outer seam lines and in center. Using the machine curve piecing technique, slowly sew curves of ray portion and large curve piece together, one stitch at a time. Using a “pointy thing” (pin, stiletto, toothpick, bamboo stick, point of seam ripper) helps to guide stitching. Use needle down if you have it on your machine. Be prepared to stop, lift foot and adjust fabric after every stitch or two.

Applique: Trace large curve pattern on freezer paper. Cut paper on lines. Press freezer paper shape, shiny side to wrong side of fabric. Cut out shape leaving 3/8″ seam allowance. Wrap top and bottom seam allowance of fabric to backside of freezer paper and secure with glue stick or basting stitches. Curve may require clipping! Applique to ray piece using a hand or a machine applique technique. For small bottom quarter curved piece, applique bottom edge of large curve piece to top edge of small curve piece or position larger piece on a 2 Y2″ square piece of fabric and trim to size.

Block will be 5 ‘/2″ square. Layer with batting and backing. Quilt as desired. Using permanent marker or embroidery thread, write name on large curved portion_ Use large letters! Make sure that it can be read from 10 feet away.- Bind with 2’ straight cut double fold (sky fabric). Miter corners. Add pin backing (straight set or on diagonal, as preferred.)