Walker Bag

Bag for a Walker or Wheelchair

Download the PDF instructions here


4 straps, 15” x 3” each
2 outside pieces, 14” x 15” each
2 lining pieces, 14” x 15” each

These parts may be cut from 1, or more, fabrics, including any block sized to fit. Measurements need not be exact, but the pieces must match each other. Outside pieces may be quilted fabric. All parts should be washable.

All seams are 3/8”-½”. These need not be exact, but should be consistent. All sewing is right sides together.

Mark the top of the outside pieces 3” in from each side. This is where the ties will be attached. Mark 2” up the side from the bottom of all 4 pieces for the gusset..

Make the ties by folding and sewing the long edge of each piece. Finger press the seam open and shift it to the center back. Press the seam open down the center of the back of each piece, forming a flat 15” by 1” strip. Sew a ½” seam across one end of each tie. Trim the corners of the sewed end. Turn to right side.

Sew the ties to the marks at the top, right side, of each outside piece, with the unfinished end even with the top of the bag, the seamed side of the tie facing up and the tie laying flat on the outside of the piece. Each outside piece will have 2 ties attached at the top. Be sure to keep these free, except at the top seam, during the rest of the construction…

Sew a lining piece to the top of each outside piece. This will go over the places where the ties are already sewn. When this is done, you will have two long rectangles that consist of one outside piece and one lining piece. These should measure approximately 14” wide by 30” long, minus the seam allowances.

Pin these two parts, right sides together so that the outside pieces match each other and the linings match. Sew all the way around the entire perimeter, except for a 5” gap in the center bottom of the lining seam.

Pull the front and back apart. Working at the bottom seam on one end of the bag, in one corner, meet the bottom seam to the side seam up to the mark you made in the beginning. Finger press the seams in opposite directions. Sew across the base of the resulting triangle, making sure that the seams match. Do this on both sides of the bottom seam for the outside and the lining. Finger press the resulting triangles in toward the center of the bottom seams. This will make a flat bottom gusset for both the outside and the lining of the bag.

Turn the bag, plus lining, right side out through the opening in the bottom of the lining. Sew the opening in the lining bottom closed, after adjusting corners. Turn the lining into the bag. The top edge of the bag will be the seam where the lining joins the outside. The ties should now stick up from the top of the bag. Sew the lining to the bag just below the top edge sewing the ties in their correct position pointing upward.

Voila!! You have a bag to grace the front of any walker or the side of a wheelchair!!!