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Quilt Challenge 2017

Crystal Quilts”

It is Brunswick Quilt Guild’s Anniversary and Crystal is the traditional gift for 15 years. Therefore, the challenge is to represent anything made of crystal or jewels! Such as: stained glass, prisms, earrings, etc. whatever you can think of that looks like crystals or jewels. You may sew crystals or jewels onto project to get the effect needed.


The smallest size is placemat no smaller than 12”x18”.

The largest size is lap quilt no larger than 40”x46”.

Original work, no kits!!  May use a pattern, but choose your own colors!

Keep it a secret from everyone!

No one is to know which one is yours! No writing on the front, or on a paper, to explain quilt or to give it a title. Words may be on the actual fabric you use.

MUST BE QUILTED and finished.

Three prizes: No one may win more than one prize. One entry per person.

1.Best use of crystal, or jewel, theme.

2. Best Workmanship.

3. Viewers Choice.

Awards are $25 gift certificates from local (Wilmington to Myrtle Beach) quilt shops.


Challenge Due Date is the Tuesday Nov. 28th.

Contact anyone on the Quilt Challenge committee if you have any questions. Enjoy Quilt Challenge 2017!

Stephanie Guthrie, Derrillyn Harbeston, and Pat Pruski