Brunswick Quilters Bylaws


Article I. Name


This group shall be known as Brunswick Quilters Guild, herein referred to as the Guild


Article II. Nonprofit Organization


Brunswick Quilters Guild is a nonprofit organization. No part of the Guild's income shall benefit any member or officer of the Guild, but shall be used exclusively for the purposes of the organization. Reimbursements for approved expenditures will be permitted.


Article III. Purpose


It shall be the purpose and goal of the Guild to promote and perpetuate the art of quilting. The work of the Guild is designed to benefit and educate all persons interested in preserving, continuing, and advancing this art while providing service to the community.  The Guild shall encourage a high standard of design and technique in all forms of quilting.


Article IV. Headquarters


The Headquarters shall be located in Brunswick County, North Carolina.


Article V. Membership


Section 1.  As a member, you are responsible for keeping informed of the Guild's activities..  Information is provided to you through business meetings, email, and our website.  Updating any changes in e-mail should be made to the Membership Chairperson.  


Section 2. A person is eligible to become a member of the Guild in good standing on payment of the required membership dues and completion of membership form.



  Article VI, Meetings


Section 1. The Guild shall hold a monthly business meeting.


Section 2. A quorum for the transaction of business shall be the eligible majority

of those present.  In order to conduct business at any business meeting, a majority of those present and voting shall be necessary to carry any motion.


Section 3. A majority of members of any committee shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of said group.


Article VII. Officers


Section 1. Any person who is a member in good standing is eligible to become an officer.


Section 2.  The officers of the Guild shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Education Director, and Membership Chairperson. These persons shall comprise the Executive Committee.



Article VIII. Duties of Officers


Section 1. Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee shall attend all meetings of the Executive Committee.  Committee Chairmen shall attend Executive Committee meetings as non-voting participants when requested by the President.


Section 2.  President. The President shall be the official representative of the Guild in all public matters. The President shall prepare an agenda for and preside at all meetings of the Guild and the Executive Committee. The President will appoint non-elected committee Chairmen and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.


Section 3.  Vice-President. The Vice-President shall serve as Chairperson of the Social Committee and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the latter.


Section 4.  Secretary. The duties of the Secretary shall include keeping a record of the proceedings of the Guild and Executive Committee, and carrying on all correspondence of the Guild. The Secretary shall post a copy of the previous meeting's minutes at the next business meeting, in the newsletter, and on the web site.


Section 5.  Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Guild, shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, deposit dues and other monies that have been collected by the Committee Chairmen, and make all disbursements. The Executive Committee must approve all disbursements over $500.00. The Treasurer shall render a monthly account to the Executive Committee and prepare a written annual report to be given at the January meeting. She shall provide information to the Executive Committee to be used in the preparation of an annual budget, which shall be presented to the membership no later than the February business meeting. Both the Treasurer and the President shall be signatories on the Guild's bank account and are authorized to make disbursements from this account on behalf of the Guild.  There will be a year-end audit.


Section 6. Membership Chairperson. The Membership Chairperson is responsible for activities associated with encouraging new members and retaining existing members. The Membership Chairperson shall send out dues notices, collect dues, and give such monies and a complete list of members to the Treasurer. She shall furnish each new member with a membership card, a list of the Bylaws, and other Guild related materials. She shall keep an updated list and provide the membership list to each Guild member.  Updates to the membership list will be sent out to the membership via email monthly.


Section 7.  Program Coordinator.  The Program Coordinator is responsible for scheduling programs at meetings and coordinating with the Education Director for Professional Teachers. 


Section 8.  Education Director.   The Education Director is responsible for contacting, scheduling and obtaining contracts of professional teachers.  She is also responsible for obtaining meals and lodging for the teacher.  Scheduling a professional teacher must be coordinated with the Program Coordinator and approved by the Executive Committee. 



Article IX, Elections and Nominating Committee


Section 1.  The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee no later than the September business meeting.  The slate of proposed officers shall be recommended to the members by the October business meeting.  Nominations from the floor may be accepted after the slate of officers has been submitted.


Section 2.  The Guild shall hold elections of officers at the November business meeting.  Approval shall be by majority vote of those eligible members in attendance at the meeting.  The term of office shall be one year to begin January 1 following the election. 


Section 3.  No office may be held for longer than two consecutive years.


Section 4.  Should a vacancy occur in any office, the Executive Committee, by majority vote, shall appoint someone to fill the unexpired term. 


Article X, Finances and Dues


Section 1.  The fiscal year for the Guild shall begin January 1 and shall end on December 31. 


Section 2.  Members of the Guild shall pay yearly dues in an amount determined annually by the Executive Committee.  Dues are payable January 1.  To assure continuous membership and receive Guild information, dues shall be paid no later than January 31 of the fiscal year.

For the first year of membership, dues may be prorated depending on the date the new member has joined the guild.



Article XI, Dissolution


Section 1.  In the event that dissolution of the Guild appears desirable for any reason, approval of the membership shall be obtained by ballot.  Any assets remaining shall be applied and distributed first to the final payment and discharge of any liability or obligations of the Guild.  Any remaining assets, upon approval of the membership, shall be used for charity. 


Article XII, Amendments


Section 1.  The proposed amendment must be distributed to the membership 30 days prior to consideration at the business meeting.


Section 2.  These Bylaws, as recommended by the Executive Committee, may be amended at any business meeting of the Guild by a majority vote of the membership present.


Section 3.  Approved Bylaws and/or subsequent changes shall be in effect from the date of adoption, unless otherwise specified.


Adopted January 13, 2009